make it stop

Yes, I know the cartoon below represents something of an overreaction, to say the least, but I do feel this way sometimes.

Misused apostrophes are one thing that make me crazy. When I was laid off  from my job in 2014 the outplacement manager wrote in an email that he would put me in touch with his colleague Jenny who is “an expert on resume’s.” Really? This from a business professional. (Jenny was a great outplacement coach, by the way.)

I also hate it when someone uses an abbreviation and doesn’t define it on first use.

Then there are misused capital letters. In an email about a meeting with a fire captain in our community I read, “He is bringing his Engine and a couple of Fire Fighters.” The book I am currently reading is by Lisa Randall, who is both a highly credentialed research scientist and a well-regarded author of popular non-fiction books on science topics. For some reason she insists on capitalizing the words universe and earth. Very strange.

I should probably work on moderating my response to such errors, however.


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