The Muppets revisited

I wrote about the first half of The Muppets season last fall. Terry and I both thought the revival was funny and enjoyable. It embodied the spirit of the Muppets franchise, we believed, even if on a more adult level.

The series went on hiatus in November and returned in February. The season finale was last week.

It returned as a whole different series. Not funny. The producers added a branding expert to the plot who seemed to be a millennial refugee from a Silicon Valley startup. He added nothing to the show. There were some plot points that had promise but which did not produce any real laughs. It was as if they had dumped all of the previous writers and brought in a new set.

We were left with a cliffhanger with respect to Kermit and Miss Piggy’s relationship, but we don’t know if the series will be back in the fall so we can find out where that goes. Personally, unless they can revive the quality writing of the first half of the season, I hope ABC will just let it be.

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