Costco after all

When we moved here I thought we could probably get by without Costco. The closest Costco is about thirty minutes away, and we can get most bulk items locally.

But Costco is a hard habit to break. We got our annual voucher from our Costco American Express card, so we needed to use it. We headed to our nearest Costco and after a lovely late lunch at Red Lobster we braved the store, which is large even by Costco standards.

What I realized is that shopping at Costco means that you are set for a good long time on certain items. For example, packages of paper towels have more rolls and the rolls are bigger than what you get in retail stores. Same for Kleenex: more boxes and bigger boxes. Likewise, there are more detergent pacs in a Cascade container. And a package of Sonicare replacement brushes will last the two of us a year.

So, after all, I think it does make sense to make that Costco trip every once in a while.

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