Cooks vs. Cons

I have to make a confession.

First, let me tell you why I have to make a confession. I have complained here, and complained loudly, about the emphasis that Food Network has placed on competition shows. I don’t like them. I don’t enjoy them. OK, Terry and I did watch one season of the kid’s edition of Rachel vs. Guy. That was fun. But mostly I don’t like the competition shows. Though I really shouldn’t complain. There are more than enough straight cooking shows for me to put on the DVR.

So here’s my confession. I’m enjoying the new Cooks vs. Cons. There are four contestants. Two are professional chefs and two are amateurs. No one knows who is what. The judges don’t know. The host (the dapper Geoffrey Zakarian) doesn’t know. We the viewers don’t know. It’s fun guessing along with Geoffrey and the hosts as to which two contestants are the pros.

It’s a fun show to watch.

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