cursive writing

Every so often I see some reference to the fact that cursive writing is a dying form. I certainly learned cursive in elementary school. In college I wrote all of my exams in cursive in blue books. (Do they still use blue books in college?) But I guess that cursive is for the most part no longer being taught in schools.


I suspect that this Baby Blues cartoon, while intended to be humorous, is based on fact.

My own cursive writing has gone seriously downhill. These days when I address an envelope or write a note I always print. The only time I use cursive is on a check, and I don’t write many of those because I pay most bills online and use a debit or credit card when out shopping. Hence my check writing has become a terrible hybrid of printing and cursive.

I’m not sure if this is really worth mourning. I used to use a fountain pen – well a cartridge pen, actually, but haven’t in decades. I don’t miss it. I’m not sure that losing cursive is any more of a loss than people no longer using typewriters. After all, no one mourns the fact that we no longer write in runes. Well, maybe a few mythopoeic types do. But not most of us.

In any case, the decline of cursive is definitely a change.


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