a rant

This is a rant. About Microsoft.

If you are not in a mood to read a rant (and I don’t blame you) please skip today’s blog. If you enjoy reading about how our major tech companies are totally uncaring, or if you have experienced pain on account of Microsoft (or another technology company) and are in a “misery loves company” mood, please read on.

MicrosoftLast fall I upgraded my Windows 7 desktop and laptop to Windows 10. Perhaps that was a mistake. Terry justifiably insisted on keeping her computer on Windows 7.

There is a known problem in Windows 10 in which the Start menu does not respond. You can’t access it. I resolved the problem on my laptop by creating a new user. It’s been fine since.

On my desktop the issue would sometimes arise, but going back to a restore point of a couple of days ago would always solve the problem. Last week the problem recurred but that did not solve the problem.

I therefore jumped through all the hoops posted in response to people with the same question on answers.microsoft.com. None of them worked. So I posted my own question listing everything I tried and asked what to do next. The response I got was to download a system image, burn it to a DVD, and the run a particular repair option. Problem was that particular repair option was not there.

Now one of the things I tried was to create a new user account, but the utility specified in one of the answers told me that it did not work with my version of Windows 10. Digging further, I saw that I could create a new user account from the command prompt. I had, in fact, done that for my laptop, but I had forgotten that. I did so. Everything was functional, so I went to a tab in the control panel as one of the instructions stated to use the use copy profile function. The Copy To button was grayed out. Turns out it only works for the default user profile. So I manually copied my files to the new account. The Start menu then failed to work in that new account.


The next recommended option was to do a Reset. That would keep all of my data but delete all applications. Not optimal.

So I had that DVD which I burned. I could do a complete reinstall of Windows 10. “Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.” I put it in my DVD drive, clicked install, and held my breath. After the complete Win 10 reinstall the Start menu was working again. At least for now.

If Microsoft were liable for lost productivity it would be a bankrupt company.

End of rant.

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