admitting when something doesn’t work

Since we live in a gated community we need a transponder to get back inside the gate. Two transponders came with the house. One had never been used. One had. I took the former, Terry took the latter. Terry put new Velcro on hers. Mine being new there was no need to.

Now here’s the odd thing. Terry’s has always been fine in her windshield. Last summer the adhesive on my Velcro would come loose in the heat. Then it started happening this spring when the temperatures were mild but when the sun was shining bright. Aggravating.

I began looking around and I observed that most residents didn’t have their transponders attached to their windshields.

So I decided to take the advice from the Hawaiian song “Just Hang Loose.”

quoteDon’t try to fight it,
there ain’t no use.

I removed the transponder, cleaned the adhesive off the windshield, and put the transponder in what would be the ash tray, except that I have a non-smoking car without a cigarette lighter.

Now I simply pull out the transponder when I approach the gate.

It works.

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