scratching my head

Last week I needed the catharsis of posting a rant here about my struggle with one of the better known defects in Windows 10. The Start menu and Notifications were inaccessible. Where I left things was that a reinstall of Windows 10 solved the problem for the time being.

That lasted a few days and the problem recurred late last week. I used my go-to attempted solution of reverting to a restore point from two days earlier. It worked, I was happy to discover. Until this morning, when my Start menu and notifications were once again inaccessible. I started to try the restore point solution again, but then decided that I was tired of this. I set up a new account and was prepared to begin the slow process of moving everything over to that account.

I went off to take a shower, fix lunch, and watch a recorded episode of Sara’s Weeknight Meals.  When I came back, the Notifications pane was open and displaying on the right-hand side of my screen. The Start menu was working fine.

Who knows how long that will last, but I will leave well enough alone for now.

As I said last week, if Microsoft were liable for lost productivity it would be a bankrupt company.

But I’m not prepared to spend the money on an Apple desktop and I’m unwilling to use a cloud-based Chrome thin client. Linux does not have the applications I need. Therefore, Microsoft is what I have to work with.

And so it goes.

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