doing the right thing

When we were in Gilroy we had a combined yard waste and food waste Toter. While we were told that all that would be turned to composed I read in a newspaper item that it really went to a landfill. Sad.

FoodScrapHere in Hemet our trash and recycle company just informed us that we can now add food waste to our yard waste container here. With the company’s state of the art facility they tell that they now can generate natural gas and fertilizer from food and yard waste.

For us, it’s a bit more work to save food waste separately and put it in the yard waste container as opposed to the trash. But only a bit. And we’re used to doing it anyway. Easy enough to get back into the habit. If we’re reducing what goes into the landfill then it’s well worth the effort.

Besides, they gave us this cool new food scrap container!

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