Broasted Chicken

When I was growing up here in Hemet Broasted Chicken was an important part of my childhood.

Broasted Chicken is deep fried under pressure using proprietary equipment made by the Broaster company. It is not a chain or franchise, but rather individual shops buy the equipment and use the recipe provided by the company.

Broasted Chicken logoHemet Broaster was located in a small strip mall, the same one that was occupied for a time by the barber shop that my dad, brother, and I used. It was strictly take-out. There was no seating for dining in. We gave them a lot of business. Sometimes it was just a Friday when Mom didn’t want to cook. Sometimes it was a special occasion. I had many, many birthdays with Broasted Chicken. Perhaps even all of them, from the time we returned to Hemet from Barstow when I was in the fourth grade up until high school.

When Terry and I returned to Hemet last year my brother informed me that a pizza place on the East side of town had Broasted Chicken. We wasted little time in checking it out. It was just as we had remembered it. And it was hotter, since we ate it as soon as it came out of the broaster rather than taking it home.

Recently we learned that the place had a new owner, but the new owner’s ad still featured Broasted Chicken. And the fellow working there was the same guy as before. All was well.

It’s good to take time to be grateful for those smaller, familiar things.

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