getting on with things

A couple of weeks ago I delivered a rant about my Windows 10 problems. Last week I wrote that the problem again recurred, but that after returning from a shower and lunch it spontaneously resolved itself. That lasted for all of the remainder of the day. The next morning I was once again getting that nasty “sorry, your Start menu isn’t working” message.

MicrosoftI decided it was time to surrender and move on. By which I mean moving my files and applications to the new user account I had created. I had tried all of the other recommended solutions short of doing a reset, which would delete all of my applications. Moving to a new user account seemed like the last, best option.

My biggest concern was my Outlook 2013 email and my large email archive. I therefore attempted that first. That turned out to be a good deal less painful than I expected. In fact moving everything over to the new account has turned out to be more time-consuming and tedious than painful. It was rather like setting up a new computer, except all of the applications were already installed. Of course there are plenty of details and annoyances. For example, I have had to re-validate myself on many of my financial web sites.

The biggest frustration is that I spent a lot of time doing system administrator work when I could have been doing something actually productive.

There were a couple of positives. Somehow I managed to create an account that doesn’t require me to sign in with my Microsoft ID. And when I was setting up my utility that syncs my Outlook and Google calendars, I discovered that I could also sync Terry’s Google calendar. That means I can see Terry’s calendar directly in Outlook and not have to open up Google calendar.

But really, really, I should never have had to do all this.

So I will say it one last time. If Microsoft were liable for lost productivity it would be a bankrupt company.

Having said that one last time, I am getting on with things.

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