healthy snacks

Several years ago I got in the habit of making seasoned almonds. I would cover them in olive oil, season them with whatever I was in the mood for (chili powder, cayenne, Csnacksajun, etc.) and bake them at 350° for ten minutes.

Somehow I got out of that habit. I don’t know why.

Recently I saw something online that referred to doing this. I thought it would be a good idea to return to this practice. And much healthier than the Snickers that I have been munching on in the evening. Terry had some mixed-nuts-unsalted-no-peanuts from Sprouts, which she allowed me to experiment with. The result was very tasty. So on our next visit to Sprouts we picked up a bunch more of those. I’ll be making this a regular thing.

As I said, much better than Snickers.

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