Toastmasters Milestone

I achieved an important milestone in my Toastmasters experience last Thursday. I completed my speech #10, which means our Vice President for Education has submitted the paperwork for my Competent Communicator designation. Once confirmed I will be able to refer to myself as Michael Christie, CC — at least in the Toastmaster world.

CompetentCommunicatorThe way it works is this. When you join Toastmasters you get two manuals, Competent Communication and Competent Leadership. The Competent Communication manual contains ten speaking projects. Each one builds on the previous. Once you’ve completed the tenth speech you qualify as a Competent Communicator.

I gave my first speech on 29 October, so the entire process took just under seven months. Not too bad in my estimation.

I was especially pleased that my speech # 10 won me the Best Speaker award for the day, as it was one I felt especially good about. It was about people helping other people. Such people represent, to quote the phrase George H.W. Bush once used, “a thousand points of light.”

Now onward to my Advanced Communicator Bronze designation.

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