if you’re going to behave like children…

(You know the second half of that phrase.)

One of the things we love about being where we are is that we are in a gated community. There is a front gate with a guard and a side gate that is strictly automated. At the side gate there is a motorized retracting gate and a guard arm. We have had a periodic problem with the guard arm being taken out. This normally happens when someone tries to tailgate behind the car in front of them and not send up their own transponder signal. The guard arm comes crashing down on their car and detaches.

pylonsAfter the last guard arm take-out I guess the management company and the access committee got fed up. In our last association bill there was an insert (in our case a PDF attachment, since we get our bill via email) describing in detail how the transponder and contact fob work, and how to properly use them.

At the side gate they recently placed rubber pylons about a foot out from the curb. When someone (obviously not management company staff) placed the pylons on the curb, the number of pylons doubled and every other one was labeled with a sign saying, “Do not move. This is a beta test.”

I do not want to serve on the access committee. I do not envy what they have to deal with. They are conscientiously doing their job, however.

To quote the phrase we heard when we were young, “If you’re going to behave like children…”

And so it goes.

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