differing priorities

From the day I got my Competent Communicator Toastmasters manual, I began to work on making my way through the book, making speeches one through ten in order. I was delighted to have completed that process a couple of weeks ago.

ToastmastersWhat surprises me is the lackadaisical attitude of a few members. Our own Sargent-at-Arms has not completed his ten speeches, though he continues to give speeches on random topics entirely divorced from the manual. One woman has hopped around the book, doing speeches in no particular order.

Really, I don’t know what is going on in these people lives. I am in no position to judge. And besides, there is another level to Toastmasters. That is getting involved at the district level or higher. Or becoming an officer. Or both. So I certainly am in no position to judge.

Still, I feel good about my accomplishment and look forward to moving forward in the process.

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