some things don’t change

During my Claremont days in the 1970’s there were a few choices for classical music on the radio. One of the main options was KFAC, a commercial station. People, myself included, liked to complain that the station played too many war InternetRadiohorses. Too much Beethoven, Brahms, and Strauss (any or all of them). The non-commercial KUSC was something of an alternative.

These days when I experience news overdose and need to turn away from NPR, often my first thought is to tune to KUSC. But it is now KUSC that tends to be somewhat heavy on the war horses. The Los Angeles commercial classical station, KMZT, is generally worse. I often end up tuning to the NPR classical service, which I pick up via a secondary channel on KPBS in San Diego.

Some things don’t change.

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