a paying gig

I got my first paying freelance work at the end of May. My marvelous sister-in-law connected me with a fellow who has done a lot of IT work for the Chamber of Commerce. He is growing his own IT business and no longer has time for the grunt work, as it were. He acquired a new client and enlisted me to transfer the content on their web site from the old environment to his server.

I made every effort to do a complete, through, and professional job. I worked over the Memorial Day weekend because the old IT guy was turning the lights out on the old site on June 1st.

He seemed happy with my work, and said that he anticipates having another project for me mid-June.

And I got paid. Not a lot, but I got paid. I’m using part of the proceeds to have a ceiling fan installed in my office, something I’ve wanted since we moved here.

I’m looking forward to continuing the momentum.

If you know anyone who is looking for writing or web work, my web site is at www.csquared.com.


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