ceiling fans

I have loved ceiling fans for more than thirty years. Ruth and I had ceiling fans in our house in Oklahoma City (Moore America, actually – about fifteen minutes south of the southern border of OKC).

ceilingfanWhen we moved to the Bay Area, our first couple of residences were apartments, and we couldn’t do much on the ceiling fan front. But when we rented a house we installed at least two ceiling fans, maybe more. After Ruth’s untimely death I installed a ceiling fan in the Los Gatos cottage I rented for a year. When I moved to Mountain View there was a ceiling fan in the dining area of my apartment, which I loved.

After Terry moved up to the Bay Area with me and we found a house to rent, we installed ceiling fans there. When we bought our house in Gilroy it came with a ceiling fan in the dining area, but we installed three more.

When we sadly had to leave our Gilroy home with its marvelous remodeled kitchen and arrived here there was a ceiling fan in the great room. We quickly added a ceiling fan in the bedroom, which was easy because there was already a light fixture there.

Several months later Terry got a ceiling fan in her office, which was a priority because she has an outside wall facing west, which generates a lot of heat in the afternoon. I put off getting a ceiling fan in my own office as we weren’t producing any income and the office was generally comfortable as it was. But after my first paying gig I decided to indulge. After all, the idea is to get more paying gigs, and if I have a pleasant, comfortable office environment, that makes the process easier. So I indulged.

I love it. There is something relaxing and soothing about a ceiling fan. It was money well spent.

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