making berries last

You no doubt know that Terry and I are big fans of The Kitchen on the Food Network. On a recent episode they described how to make your fresh berries last longer.

TheKitchenlogo It works like this. Use one part white vinegar to three parts water. Put your berries in a colander and pour the vinegar over them. Then pour the water over them. Toss the berries with your hands to ensure equal coverage. Rinse them with water under the tap and then let them dry out on something flat such as a cookie sheet. Once dried, refrigerate them in a glass, not plastic, container.

We tried this with a large container of blueberries we bought. They lasted a good ten days. We used the whole batch without any of them going bad. Likewise, our current containers of raspberries and blackberries are holding up nicely.

Thought I’d pass this along.

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