Food Network Star

I know, I have complained a lot about all the reality and competition shows on Food Network. But really, over the weekend I can DVR plenty of actual cooking shows to get me through the week. And then, I did admit here to enjoying Cooks vs. Cons, hosted by the dapper Geoffrey Zakarian.

FoodNetworkStarNow Terry and I are getting hooked on the twelfth season of Food Network Star. It doesn’t hurt that the hosts are the likeable Bobby Flay and the alluring Giada De Laurentiis. Nor does it hurt that they bring on other Food Network hosts as guest judges. Yes, it’s slick and highly polished. I suspect that parts of it must be scripted. But I find myself caring about the contestants. There are the ones I like and am rooting for and there are those that I find annoying wish would get booted off the show. And when they’re not, I have to admit that while annoying they seem to be a very good cook.

It’s a guilty pleasure, but a mostly harmless one.

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