household fixes

When we had the ceiling fan installed in my office I asked our handyman to check our doorbell. Since we had arrived here it gave out one lonely ding, not even a dong. In preparation for his arrival I did some investigation, and pressed and held the doorbell. Turns out that it was supposed to play the full Westminster chime, just like the doorbell I installed in Gilroy. Our handyman discovered that the doorbell was loosely wired and missing the required diode to play the full chime. He happened to have a doorbell on his truck with said required diode. Now the bell rings properly. And now it’s lighted to boot.

cordedswitchThen there are the lights in my office. I wanted the two floor lamps to run off the wall switch, but I couldn’t find which plug in my office the wall switch supported. As far as I could tell, the switch didn’t operate any of the plugs. So when we moved in I plugged the floor lamps into a plug attached to a switch via a long cord. That plug went into a power strip. I have made great use of these things on my various 900 mhz audio transmitters.

Our handyman pointed out which outlet supported the wall switch. It was the one that was upside down, just like at our house in Gilroy. Duh. I guess I had only tested the bottom plug, but it was the top plug that the wall switch supported. So now both floor lamps are operated from the wall switch. Much better.

All good stuff, even if I feel silly more than a year after moving in for not having figured out the plug thing in the first place.

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