a simple solution

Ever since Google Calendar discontinued their capability to sync with the Outlook calendar I have used a third party product to do that task. It has always worked well.

After my OutlookCalendarWindows 10 fiasco, in which I had to set up a new user account and set up all of my applications all over again, I discovered that I could sync not only my own Outlook calendar to Google Calendar so Terry could see it, but I could grab Terry’s Google Calendar and sync it into my Outlook calendar. Now I don’t have to open up Google Calendar to see Terry’s schedule. That is great.

The only problem was that, unlike looking at Google Calendar on the web where different calendars are color-coded, there was no distinction between my calendar items and Terry’s.

There was, however, a simple solution. Outlook desktop has a feature called Categories, which allows you to color code calendar items. For my events, I selected the color green, relabeled it “Mike” and tagged all of my events with that category. Now I have both Terry’s calendar and my calendar right there in Outlook, and my events are highlighted in green.

It’s a great solution.

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