I don’t like the math

I received a fresh copy of the Pitzer College alumni magazine, The Participant, last week. It contained a piece about the retirement of a professor who arrived at Pitzer ten years after my graduation.

PitzerftnsmHow could that be possible?

I graduated from Pitzer in 1975. I would have attended my 40th year reunion last year with my friends Laurie and Ron had Terry and I not been right smack dab in the middle of our move from Silicon Valley to the eastern reaches of the Inland Empire.

This woman joined Pitzer in 1985 and retired last year. That’s thirty years. By any standards I guess that is a career.

The math works out. But I do not like the math.

2 Comments on “I don’t like the math”

  1. Ron Caswell says:

    Lol, Mike. Just to add to the whole aging thing, Laurie and I did show up for the reunion. We had a pleasant Friday evening touring the campus. But, by Saturday morning Laurie was not feeling well at all, so we cut the reunion short and went home. Yes, you missed the reunion, but so did we, due to one of those many age related illnesses. And yes, I really do understand the unreality of a professor, hired after we graduated, retiring.

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