the Toastmaster

As I reported yesterday, our outgoing Toastmasters VP of education and incoming president suggested that I kick up my participation a notch. And as I reported yesterday, I did.

My first time as Toastmaster last Thursday met with a surprise or two. Rather than meeting in the church’s library where we always did, we were moved to the auditorium. Seems there was some work going on in the library. We moved from a small, intimate space to a large open space. And while I was busy getting folks to fill in on roles to replace those who had not shown up, others were moving the podium from one end of the room to the other to accommodate a speaker who had a PowerPoint presentation and needed the screen at that end of the room.

And here I am, my first time as Toastmaster, trying to make it all work.

"You did a superb job 1st time out of the gate!!"Work it did. The meeting went smoothly. Each person filled their role with competence. At the end of the meeting the president complimented me on doing such a good job my first time in the role and there was applause. Wow!

When I got home I found the anonymous note you see here in amongst my paperwork.

I was pleased.

One Comment on “the Toastmaster”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Good for you, Mike!

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