end of an era

PrinterC6280I was busy trying to print out the meeting agenda for my first stint as Toastmaster. Suddenly my printer stopped working and said it was out of paper. It wasn’t. I shut it off and turned it back on. It said I had shut it down improperly. I hadn’t. It still said that it was out of paper. It still wasn’t. Oh, and it was making strange noises as well.PrinterC6280CD

I guess that was it for my printer. I’m thankful for Terry’s printer and for our wireless router that allows me to connect to it. No need to buy a new printer, as long as Terry doesn’t mind me traipsing in and out of her office. She says she doesn’t.

I pulled out the original CD that came with the printer. It had a 2007 date. That’s nine years. Even if I actually bought the printer in 2008, which is possible, that would be eight years. The printer lasted a long time had has worked very well. It’s hard for me to complain.

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