a new water filter

PUR filterWhen we first arrived here in May 2015 we purchased a Brita water filter. It worked OK, but it was not ideal. If you did not properly estimate the amount of water to put in the pitcher the excess would remain in the upper chamber and spill when you tried to pour. There was also a problem of mold build-up between the insert and the pitcher. Finally, I decided that this just wasn’t working.

I looked to see what was available and settled on the PUR 18 Cup Dispenser. So far I really like it. It holds more water than the Brita, so when I make iced tea in our big pitchers I don’t have to supplement from the refrigerator dispenser. And since it’s a dispenser and not a pitcher it’s fine if there is excess water in the upper chamber. The packaging claims that the PUR filter removes twice the particulates of the Brita.

I think that this is going to work out well.

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