getting it

I subscribed to a web site for a number of months that offered training and support for writers trying to make a living writing. It had some valuable information, but many of the most essential webinars were out of date in this rapidly changing online world. One of the services they offered was an evaluation of your web site. I submitted mine and while I got some useful feedback much of it was phrased in a way that was downright rude. I cancelled my membership, but not before describing how we learn to present evaluations at Toastmasters: that is, in a positive, constructive manner.

My role last week was to evaluate the speech of a newer member who is really coming along nicely. There were some areas where she could improve and I presented those in a positive manner. I also focused on what the purpose of that particular project was and pointed out how she could have paid more attention to that focus. The general evaluator, our immediate past president, and a highly experienced Toastmaster who has earned the Distinguished Toastmaster designation, went off script, if you will, to say what an asset to the club he thought I was and how “Mike gets it.”

I really appreciated that. Another member handed me the note that you see here.

your eval is as terrific because you picked up on the flaws & presented them kindly but effectively

There are a certain set of values that accompany Toastmasters which I have been working to adopt and internalize. I’m delighted that other members seem to think that I am doing so.

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