In Twenty Years

In Twenty Years book coverIn Twenty Years: A Novel
Allison Winn Scotch
Lake Union Publishing (July 1, 2016), 334 pages
Kindle edition $4.42, Amazon paperback $4.65

I am a sucker for college novels, and so by extension of college reunion novels as well. Upon reading about this book in the spring, I therefore marked my calendar to download the Kindle sample on its July 1 publication date. I bought the Kindle edition shortly thereafter. I was not disappointed.

Six students, Bea, Annie, Lindy, Catherine, Owen, and Colin, shared a house in college. Bea bought the house after graduation, but died ten years later. However, she made arrangements through her attorney to ensure that the remaining five were reunited over the Independence Day holiday in the old house in yet another ten years—twenty years after graduation.

They are a diverse group. Annie is a stay-at-home mom with a nanny. Her husband is a high-powered professional. Lindy is a famous pop star with a female lover at home, but who is, in fact, bisexual and discovers herself pregnant.Catherine and Owen are married. Catherine is a Martha Stewart-like media mogul whose empire is declining and Owen has given up his law practice to be a stay-at-home dad. Colin is single and a plastic surgeon.

As you would expect, they do not leave their personal and professional problems behind for this reunion, and old hurts and slights return to the surface. Bea’s presence is pervasive. There are no loose ends wrapped up in this novel, and everyone leaves with the same problems they had when they arrived. In fact, for all except Colin they leave with their issues and challenges exacerbated.

Nonetheless, In Twenty Years is a highly readable portrayal of five people—six, really—and their personalities, their struggles, and their motivations.

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