now here’s an idea

EagleDroneI cannot believe the stupidity of people who fly drones over forest fires and prevent the firefighters from doing their jobs. When asked about drones in a recent Toastmasters Table Topics session I had some less than generous things to say about people who do such things. The Table Topics Master was referring to a news item about how in the Netherlands they are training eagles to take out drones flying over unauthorized areas.

Follow that link. It really is true.

My thought? Let’s add this capability to the CalFire budget!

2 Comments on “now here’s an idea”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    I didn’t know people did this. You’ve seen and commented on my pictures of son-in-law fighting fires as a helicopter pilot. This is very personal although I have not heard him mention dealing with this particular threat. I’m cheering for the eagles.

    • Tahoe Mom, there were a couple of incidents of that here in SoCal last year. Haven’t heard of any so far this season, thank goodness. But, yes, cheering for the eagles, for sure.

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