I first signed up with Goodreads in October 2013. Terry and I were headed to Cambria on vacation, and it was when the government shutdown was happening. Facebook was becoming too toxic, and I wanted a more pleasant online diversion. (Although I do have to admit to contributing to a “Things I like more than Congress” thread on Facebook. My contribution: Having a colonoscopy or root canal.) I stayed current on Goodreads for a while, but gradually drifted away from it.

In this election season Facebook has again become rather toxic. I have cut back considerably on my Facebook time. It makes me ill to see images of or articles about the angry hamster with the red mop. (In a similar manner, the mute button on the television is getting a lot of use during news programs these days, as is the mute button on the remote for my Internet radio when I’m listening to NPR newscasts.)

I have gone back to Goodreads. It has been owned by Amazon for some time now, but they don’t seem to be putting much investment into it, other than the various ways you can link back to Amazon. The user interface is pretty bad. The discussions are a pain to navigate. The iPad app is somewhat wonky.

Nonetheless, it is a pleasant diversion. It is fun to see what other people are reading and what they like and don’t like.

In spite of its shortcomings Goodreads is a pleasant space.


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