missing books

Since we’ve been here in Hemet for more than fifteen months, you would think that we would have a definitive picture of what didn’t make it down here. No so.

Terry's Wall UnitIt was only recently that I noticed three sets of books were not on our shelves: the paperback box sets of Dance to the Music of Time and the Alexandria Quartet, along with the Penguin Encyclopedia of Literature. These were all books that I have had since my B. Dalton Bookseller days. In Gilroy they were on the shelves of the wall unit in Terry’s office. How did they get there? At our house in Mountain View the wall unit was in the living room. When we bought our house in Gilroy in 1997 the wall unit went into Terry’s office and the books that were on it stayed there.

This is one more indication of the bad decisions one makes when packing in a comparative hurry. Of course the problem was exacerbated because we first had to pack to stage before we were able to pack to move.

These volumes are not really a huge loss, but I’m a little sad that they’re not still on our shelves.

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