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I enjoy looking at the statistics on my blog. Not that I have a lot of readers, but I enjoy doing so nonetheless. I seem to have two kinds of readers. The first type is made up of my regular readers. They read my current posts, either on my home page or by going to that specific entry. If you are reading this you probably fall into this category. Please know that I’m humbled and delighted that you read my blog and that I don’t take you for granted.

The second type of reader gets to my blog via Google or another search engine. What is interesting here is that there are a few recurring search results that keep popping up. My remembrance of jazz radio announcer Bob Parlocha is one of those, as is my blog entry that more generally appreciates the announcers at late great jazz station KJAZ. Another entry that comes up regurlarly is my discussion of Eucharistic Prayer C1 in the Episcopal Book of Common Prayer. I went back and looked at that entry and it’s not terribly good. It’s one of those entries that I simply seem to have dashed off. I owe that prayer more than that, and I’ll take care of that tomorrow.

Another blog entry that comes up with some regularity is my discussion of “imaginary” as a noun. This relates to a Great Courses series I listened to on Heroes and Legends. As the lecturer states, “the word ‘imaginary’ is used as a noun to mean a collective picture of an era derived from books, films, television, and so on.” The primary example he gives is the American wild west. I suspect there’s not a lot online about that so my blog comes up.

It’s interesting to see which searches find my blog.

1You can find Eucharistic Prayer C in the The (Online) Book of Common Prayer. Navigate: The Holy Eucharist > The Holy Eucharist: Rite II > Eucharistic Prayer C.

3 Comments on “what readers are looking for”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    So how do I go about finding out which readers come from where?

    • Tahoe Mom, I am on WordPress and you use Blogger, but in my case there is a statistics page that tells me how many views and visits I get on a particular day and what pages are being viewed. I can also see which countries visitors came from. I suspect if you look around you can find a statistics page for your blog.

      • Tahoe Mom says:

        I used to have those things readily available and then Blogger changed. I will need to look. I know where to find how many views just no longer where they come from. I’ll check again. Thanks.

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