Food Network conventions

Food Network logoCooking shows on Food Network generally have a particular convention. There has to be some kind of plot or story. Someone is coming over to visit, or there is some sort of activity, or whatever. For example, on Valerie’s Home Cooking friends and/or relatives are coming over for dinner. Or on Pioneer Woman the boys have a football game or the girls have soccer. On Farmhouse Rules Nancy is organizing a community dinner.

Recently Guy Fieri’s show, Guy’s Big Bites, started its new season. He’s just cooking. He’s just demonstrating recipes. No plot line. He may talk and chatter with a guest, but it’s all about cooking. It’s all about that day’s menu.

That’s the way it should be done.

One Comment on “Food Network conventions”

  1. Lee Montgomery says:

    Like Graham Kerr used to be!

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