we’re a welcoming group

One of the things I love about my Toastmasters group is that we’re a welcoming bunch. Visitors are received with open arms.

Often visitors are asked to come up and speak in the Table Topics impromptu part of the meeting. We tend to give visitors preference in voting for best Table Topics. Last week a visitor gave a very nice Table Topics speech and indeed got best Table Topics.

ToastmastersThe week before, we had a speech contest – different from our usual format. I managed and hosted the contest. We had Table Topics, but there were no ballots to vote for the best. However, our president, Hans, did leave out a ribbon for Best Table Topics.

A visitor gave a great Table Topics speech. Al, our Table Topics manager for the day, said “We don’t have ballots or ribbons today, but we wanted to show you what Table Topics was about.”

I came back up to the front and said, “We don’t have ballots today, but we do have ribbons,” and gave the best Table Topics ribbon to our visitor. Our president said to me, “Good job.”

I love my Toastmasters club.

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