our new Sprouts

When we first moved here to Hemet we quickly became fans of the grocery store Sprouts. I think of it as a smaller version of Whole Foods that is also less expensive.

sproutsWe were delighted, then, to learn that Sprouts was going to open a new, larger location as one of four tenants in a long-vacant Walmart location. That store opened on Wednesday and we were there. We ended up shopping there Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

The store has a full-service deli and sandwich counter (great sandwiches!). There is also a full-service meat and seafood department. The only down side is that things like chicken breasts and thighs, as well as ground beef and such are still pre-packaged. The full service counter on the meat side is limited to steaks and gourmet items.

Sprouts has a great produce department. They also have a lot of ethic foods. The new store stocks a great selection of Indian, Asian, and Mexican frozen dishes, which I eat regularly for lunch. They also stock packaged ethnic foods. There are not a lot of Middle Eastern products, however. I had to go to our local Middle Eastern store to buy falafel mix.

We’re going to be regulars, for sure.

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