Student of the Month

student of the month logoOne of my clients for my web and writing business is the local Student of the Month program. I enjoyed setting up the web site for them and I enjoy adding new photos as they come in. This program doesn’t focus on the A student who has always done well. Rather they honor the student who has overcome some kind of adversity and become successful in school.

I went to the October breakfast, and if there were tears in some of our eyes, it was with good reason. Here’s what these young people told us they had to cope with.

  • A young man whose mother struggles with MSA, a degenerative disease similar to MS.
  • A young woman who was one of eight children and whose father died.
  • A young man whose parents came from the Philippines with advanced degrees that were worthless in California, and had to do menial work.
  • A young woman with scoliosis whose condition stopped advancing before it reached the point where surgery was possible, and so has to live with the condition.
  • Another young woman who never knew her parents.

These kids are overcoming and succeeding. Their stories are inspiring.



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