Terry and I enjoy making falafel every so often, but I have never really enjoyed deep frying. And of course, it’s not the healthiest method of cooking.

Recently, however, my dad gave us a deep fryer. My brother had wanted a pressure cooker that Dad had stored away, and in pulling it out he discovered a deep fryer. It had hardly been used at all, if at all.

falafelI got a large bottle of Canola oil at the grocery store. I expected to find falafel mix at our new Sprouts (I describe Sprouts as a smaller version of Whole Foods with lower prices), but surprisingly they had none. They did have pita bread, however. And the falafel mix solution was easy. I buzzed over to our small Middle Eastern market, where they had five different kinds. We had both Tahini sauce and Sriracha in the fridge.

I made up the falafels, pulled out the fryer, added the oil, and plugged it in. I made the falafels in two batches (I watch a lot of Food Network, after all.) With the pita bread and our sauces it was a great dinner.

And not terribly unhealthy with the vegetarian falafel mix (I got one with lower sodium) and the Canola oil.


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