my own Marie Callendar San Francisco Burger

On a recent Sunday Terry had planned to go grocery shopping for her marvelous Gumbo, which she was going to fix for Sunday evening. For Monday we agreed to pull out our frozen burgers to cook on the NuWave, so I added Kaiser rolls to the list. After shopping Terry reported the Kaiser rolls were sold out. I grumbled. She suggested that we use our sourdough bread. I was not excited about that until I started thinking.

Frisco BurgerSourdough. Burger. Marie Callendar San Francisco Burger. Hmmm. (Yes, I know it’s really the Frisco Burger, but as a long-time Bay Area snob I refuse to use that F word.) That burger is pretty much the only thing I have ever eaten at Marie Callendar’s (other than pie) for as long as I have ever eaten at Marie Callendar’s. And our local Marie Callendar’s closed some time back. The closest location is now a half hour away.

So, I thought, a homemade version must be out there on the Internet, mustn’t it? It must. It was. I made it.

It was marvelous.



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