cooking with cast iron

Terry’s grandmother died in December 2001 and Terry brought home a lot of things from her house in northeast Oklahoma. Among the things we placed in our storage unit were her cast iron frying pans. Really dumb idea.

Cast Iron Casseroles coverEventually we decided there was no point in paying for the storage unit and we either brought things home or got rid of them. The cast iron we brought into the kitchen. Smart idea.

We use the cast iron regularly. Terry always uses the pans for scrambled eggs, and I use them for my boneless fried chicken breasts. We do value them.

Recently, however, we found a way to kick their use up a notch. Standing in line at our cast iron casserolebusy but marvelous new Sprouts market I saw a publication called Cast Iron Casseroles. It has got a lot of recipes for cooking meals in your cast iron skillet. And they are good recipes. I have made a few and added several to my database. Many are one-skillet while some require another pan or two.

It’s nice to add new cooking techniques to the repertoire.

The book is published as a periodical and above the UPC code it notes “Display until January 30, 2017.” So perhaps you might run across it at your local upscale supermarket.

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