our new Sprouts

When we first moved here to Hemet we quickly became fans of the grocery store Sprouts. I think of it as a smaller version of Whole Foods that is also less expensive.

sproutsWe were delighted, then, to learn that Sprouts was going to open a new, larger location as one of four tenants in a long-vacant Walmart location. That store opened on Wednesday and we were there. We ended up shopping there Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

The store has a full-service deli and sandwich counter (great sandwiches!). There is also a full-service meat and seafood department. The only down side is that things like chicken breasts and thighs, as well as ground beef and such are still pre-packaged. The full service counter on the meat side is limited to steaks and gourmet items.

Sprouts has a great produce department. They also have a lot of ethic foods. The new store stocks a great selection of Indian, Asian, and Mexican frozen dishes, which I eat regularly for lunch. They also stock packaged ethnic foods. There are not a lot of Middle Eastern products, however. I had to go to our local Middle Eastern store to buy falafel mix.

We’re going to be regulars, for sure.

eleven years with Tasha

It was eleven years ago today that Terry and I brought Tasha home from the shelter. At the time the vet said that she was about a year and-a-half old. That would make her twelve and-a-half now. You would never know it.

TashaTasha is as active as ever. She goes dashing through our great room and leaps in and out of her dog door. She can jump up on the bed as easily as ever. She is insistent on her routine. She has to have her two walks a day, and does her best to keep us to our routine. If I don’t go into the kitchen around 6:30 pm to start dinner she shadows me to try to get me in there. She has to be fed her wet food at 7:00 am when the light goes on, and her dry an hour later. She has to have to have her afternoon dry at 5:20 pm after the weather on TV.

She is an amazing, marvelous part of the family.