no change for us

One of the propositions for California in the November General Election involved single use plastic bags. Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that banned them in grocery stores and large drug stores like CVS and RiteAid. The plastic bag industry fought this and the law was on hold until the voters had their say. In November the voters agreed that single use plastic bags should be banned.

grocerybagsWhile the law doesn’t officially go into effect until December 9, most stores adopted the policy right away. Based on news stories I’ve seen, there seem to be a large number of people who were clueless about the ballot measures and were taken aback when the stores started implementing the policy. There seems to have been a fair amount of mewling and puking at first. From what I’ve seen, folks have for the most part now adapted.

For us: no change. We’ve been using reusable bags for years. We just kept doing what we’ve been doing.

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