recycling The Great Courses

I have downloaded more than sixty audio courses from The Great Courses since I first began buying them in 2010. Given that, it is becoming harder to find a course I am interested in when it’s time to load a new set onto my iPod. Sometimes new courses do get my attention, as did English Grammar Boot Camp, though I ended up getting the video of that one.

Great Courses logoWhat I’ve done then, is to recycle courses that I’ve listened to previously on my walks. A while back I reviewed Between Cross and Crescent which describes Jewish civilization in medieval and early modern times. I followed that with The World of Biblical Israel, which is a great course on exactly that topic. Currently I am listening to The Fall of the Pagans and the Origins of Medieval Christianity, which describes the transition of Christianity from its status as a persecuted minority to becoming the official religion of the Roman Empire.

I’m reviewing fascinating material and saving money at the same time. All good stuff.


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