those one-time-only meals

turkey pot pieSometimes you fix a meal that can’t be recreated. For Thanksgiving we took mashed potatoes and green bean casserole (with cream cheese and without onion sop mix) to my brother’s house. We came home with some of his marvelous brined turkey and what was left of the green beans.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving I made a skillet pot pie with those two ingredients turkey pot pie on the plateplus red potatoes and frozen veggies. That’s something I’ll likely never be able to recreate since I’m not likely to have those two exact Thanksgiving ingredients again at the same time. (Perhaps after Thanksgiving next year, but who knows what kind of leftovers we’ll end up coming home with then, and whether we’ll even make the same green bean casserole.)

It was, though, quite tasty and well worth the effort.

Some dishes, one has to admit, may only be made once.


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