a long overdue kitchen gadget

lemon squeezerI don’t know why I never got a hand-held lemon squeezer. It’s something that’s practical, useful, and inexpensive.

If I need to squeeze a few lemons there is no point in hauling out the electric citrus juicer and have to clean all the parts afterwards. My method has been to hand squeeze a lemon into a measuring cup using a small strainer. That is really inefficient and messy. I believe that it was Guy Fieri on Food Network who pointed out that squeezing a lemon by hand meant that you were leaving juice in the lemon.

I’ve fixed that now. At less than $8 it was well worth it and way overdue.


One Comment on “a long overdue kitchen gadget”

  1. Alison Morgan says:

    I thought so, too when I bought one. A few days ago, I needed the juice of one lemon. so out came the hand juicer. It was a juicy lemon, so I got my two tablespoons into the dish of apple slices for my tart. I also had lemon juice across the counter, on my face, and everywhere. Gonna throw that thing our and get an old-fashioned wood reamer or glass lemon squeezer/dish…

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