a slightly askew, but very enjoyable New Year’s

New Year’s Day falling on a Sunday put things slightly askew this year. Terry and I have a regular New Year’s routine. For breakfast we have scrambled eggs, sausage, freshly squeezed orange juice, and orange rolls while watching the Rose Parade which we set up on our DVR. Dinner New Year’s evening is something special in one form or another.

However there is a nineteenth century ordinance that prohibits the Rose Parade from happening on Sunday. (It has to do with not wanting to frighten the horses waiting outside the churches while their owners were inside attending Sunday worship.) So this year the Rose Parade was on Monday.

New Year's DinnerFor New Year’s dinner I had planned pot roast. But I didn’t make it to the store until New Year’s Eve, and the full-service meat department had no chuck roast. I had to think fast, as there were a lot of people waiting for service. I got rib eye steaks. Not just rib eye steaks, but Harris Ranch rib eye. Rather at the opposite end of the spectrum of cuts of meat from what I had planned. Terry however, was delighted.

Terry took charge of dinner as she is a much better steak chef than I am, and we always do black-eyed peas and Canadian bacon, which is her specialty as well. To that we added steamed broccoli and a very nice red wine that our nephew gave us for Christmas. It was a marvelous New Year’s dinner.

On Monday morning I made breakfast exactly as described while we watched new hosts Leeza Gibbons and Mark Steines take over from the storied Bob Eubanks and Stephanie Edwards in describing the Rose Parade.

A bit out of order from the usual, but it was a marvelous New Year’s.

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