when not to adapt

Indian Butter ChickenI was looking for a recipe for a weeknight dinner, and I saw a recipe for Indian Butter Chicken that looked really good. I think it was on Pinterest. I clicked back to the original recipe, which was a pressure cooker blog. The recipe looked odd. The cooking time was only five minutes and it didn’t look to me as if there was enough liquid to bring the ingredients up to pressure. I thought about asking the folks at the Yahoo Pressure Cooking group if this made sense. I decided not to.  I knew it didn’t.

Fortunately the blog owner provided her source, which I traced back. The source recipe made much more sense than the pressure cooker conversion. I understand that if you are writing a pressure cooker blog you you are, um, under pressure to offer new recipes, but if it doesn’t make sense to convert a recipe then don’t bother.

I made the source stove-top recipe sans pressure cooker and it turned out great.

photo credit: Ginny. cropped. license: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

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