expanding our food horizons

spiralizer - sweet potatoTerry and I have both long avoided sweet potatoes. I think it has to do with all those Thanksgivings when relatives would make those awful sweet potato casseroles with marshmallows. But we love our new KitchenAid spiralizer attachment. And as it turns out, only certain vegetables can be spiralized. For example, spiralizing broccoli would simply make a mess. (On the other hand, spiralizing broccoli stalks works very well, and makes for a tasty and healthy pasta substitute.)

When I started noticing, therefore, that a lot of the spiralizer recipes out there use sweet potatoes, I encouraged Terry to give them a shot. She agreed. There was one recipe that looked particularly good. It was a sweet potato enchilada casserole. So I set about spiralizing a sweet potato. I also used the peeler attachment for the first time. That worked quite well, but I learned that I need to actively retrieve the peelings and not let them get mixed in with the rest of the veggies.

The enchilada casserole was great.

Our spiralizer is enabling us to expand our food horizons and to eat more healthily as well.

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