a neighbor departs

When we moved here to Four Seasons in Hemet in May of 2015 our neighbor to the west was most gracious and welcoming. Sadly, she was not well and died some months back. The folks who bought her house, however, are very nice and we like them.

Our neighbor to the east, however, was another matter entirely. Her name is Glenda, though she likes to think of herself as Glinda. Glinda she is not.

house next doorShe did not like Tasha and her barking. Rather than admitting to that, however, she said, “The neighbors are complaining already.” She didn’t want to say that she was the one who didn’t like the barking. When we tried to get her to sign off on our plans to install artificial turf to replace our lawn in front she ignored all of our attempts to contact her.

Terry managed to enable a sort of reconciliation by asking, “What did we do to offend you?” She gave us credit for keeping Tasha from barking so much, and Terry established a somewhat amicable relationship with her. My relationship with her was, at best, civil.

Last fall she put her house on the market. Her son lives up north on the coast in Grover Beach. He is divorced and has custody of the kids. His situation was such that she felt the need to send him a check to buy them clothes. She thought it would be good to be near them.

Her house finally sold. On Friday, a wet, rainy day, a U-Haul truck showed up with a pair of husky young men.

Terry and I wish her the best being close to family, as we are. She told Terry that the woman who bought her house likes dogs.

We look forward to meeting her.

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