sandwich thins

It’s sandwich thins wrappereasy to get into the habit of eating frozen Indian and Mexican meals for lunch each day. It’s simple, straightforward, and not a lot of work. And while not terribly unhealthy, it is not the optimal healthy lunch.

Terry and I like to buy deli meats and cheeses from the full-service deli at Sprouts. We can buy small amounts (often a quarter pound) and if we’re lucky we’ll use them up before they go bad. Add some Romaine or buttersandwich thins sandwich lettuce from our container garden and it makes a nice sandwich. The only problem: too much bread.

Terry discovered a new product from Orowheat. They’re called Sandwich Thins. They are round, thin, and larger than an English Muffin. They make for great sandwiches without too much bread.

Great discovery, Terry. Thanks!

One Comment on “sandwich thins”

  1. Tahoe Mom says:

    Love these. Glad you all have discovered them too.

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