pressure cooker pulled pork

This is so incredibly simple that I’m almost ashamed to share it. But sometimes we’re busy and need something extremely simple to fix for dinner. This recipe is for an electric pressure cooker, but could easily be adapted for a stove-top.


  • 1 lb pork loin
  • barbecue sauce, your favorite brand, ⅓ bottle
  • water or broth


  1. Cut the pork loin so the pieces fit into your pressure cooker in a single layer.
  2. Coat the pork with half of the barbecue sauce.
  3. Put the rack in your pressure cooker and add water or broth up to the bottom of the rack. Put the pork on the rack. Leave ample room around the sides for the steam to rise.
  4. Cook for 75 minutes on high after coming up to pressure.
  5. Use natural pressure release.
  6. Take the pork out of the pressure cooker and shred it using two forks.
  7. Set the pressure cooker to sauté, put the pork back into the pressure cooker, add the rest of the barbecue sauce, and stir.
  8. Serve.

The original recipe called for 4 lbs of pork and specified so little liquid that I wasn’t sure how it could come up to pressure. My version turned out very nicely.

pulled pork

file photo: Pixabay

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